Jyotiṣa Vargas – Divisional Charts

Jyotish Varga The term varga is a sanskrit term and it means division. Each chart starts with main varga called rāśi and from rāśi there are other divisional charts which are created.

Each such fractional part of a sign, known as an aṃśa, has a source of influence associated with it, so that these sources of influence come to be associated with collections of regions around the zodiac.

Based on formation of divisional chart we know the area of life the divisonal chart shall focus on, Navamsa is 9’Th division of rāśi and deals with luck, Dharma and spouse since marriage is also our dharma. 9’Th house is also related to our bhagya and past hence navamsa relates to the blessings and curses in our life based on past life karmas, Dasamsa is related to 10’th house of career and 10’th house deals with work as well and it is also called as swargamsa.

Commonly there are sixteen varga which is called as Shodasvarga, or divisional, charts used in Jyotisa. The BPHS defines sixteen divisional schemes, each named according to the denominator of the fraction specific to the division. Thus, the integral fraction is division by 1, which yields, trivially, 12 regions of the zodiac corresponding to the 12 signs themselves: perforce this varga scheme is named rāśi. Similarly, a divisor of 2 defines 24 regions; the name hora, derived from the word अहो-रात्र (aho-rātra) meaning day-night by removing the first अ (a) and last sounds त्र (tra)

There are sixteen varga or divisional, charts used in Hindu astrology as described below

Rasi1D-1Natal chart and used as reference for final prediction
Hora2D-2Overall wealth
Drekkana3D-3Siblings and their reading
Trimshamsha5D-5Morals, ethics, spiritual values
Saptamsha7D-7Children and pregnancies
Navamsha9D-9Spouse, luck and Dharma.
Dashamsha10D-10Career, Business and Work environment.
Dwadashamsha12D-12Parents, Grandparents
Shodhashamsha16D-16Vehicles and luxury
Vimshamsha20D-20Upasanas and Sādhanas
Chaturvimsha24D-24Education and academic achievements
Saptavimshamsha27D-27Strength and Weakness
Khavedamsha30D-30Evils, Failure, Bad Luck
Akshavedamsha45D-45Paternal Legacy
Shastiamsha60D-60Past life and connection to this life

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