Important days in August

I have received numerous emails requesting for important days each month and brief description on what is to be done on those days, kindly note that “Remedies” always are based on “Specific chart” but general remedies do work, though not as effective. There are certain days when you are absolutely not supposed to fast Eg. when you have UL (Upapada Lagna) in 2nd house etc which I shall be writing about in coming weeks. Kindly follow your own belief /faith since god is “One” and you may call him in any name of your choice 🙂

What?When?Significance & Suggestions from Kaartik Gor Consultations (KGC)
Ekadashi (Kamika)Monday, 10th Aug 2015Advised to fast from Sunrise to Sunset, it helps control temper issues and you find peace
Pradosh FastTuesday, 11th Aug 2015Fast on this day helps you increase wealth and longevity
AmavasyaFriday, 14th Aug 2015Water Tulsi plant and meditate to keep your mind strong
Monday FastsEvery Monday of AugustFasting on every Monday in this month is very good due to month of Shravan
ChaturthiTuesday, 18th Aug 2015Feed elephants
Panchami (Naga)Wednesday, 19th Aug 2015Take care of reptiles, especially snakes
Ekadashi (Putrada)Wednesday, 26th Aug 2015Fasting and prayers for child/pregnancy on this day is auspicious
Purnima (Full moon)Saturday, 29th Aug 2015Remember your teachers, meditate and visit religious place based on your belief
Raksha BandhanSaturday, 29th Aug 2015Buy a gift to your sister or someone you consider your sister and ensure you protect her all her life like a brother would!
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