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As news of the Indian Prime Minister, Shree Narendra Damodardas Modi’s visit to United Arab Emirates spreads, Kaartik Gor Consultations considered it apt time to educate its readers on how a political chart is interpreted differently. This is the first of 5 part article series on PM Narendra Modi where we will study his chart in detail to recognize various yogas and combinations. Does our leader truly have substance or is NaMo a product of aggressive intelligent marketing? Let’s begin by understanding this political giant’s journey.

PM Narendra Modi

Narendra Damodardas Modi was born in Vadhnagar on 17 September 1950 with extremely humble beginnings. He later went on to become India’s 15th Prime minister, breaking records being the first non-congress candidate to win with “absolute majority”. He was sworn in on May 26, 2014. His rise to the political ranks came with lot of hard work with Saturn being his Ātmakāraka ensuring a soul who is born to go through lot of sorrow but yet continues working like a Karma Yogi. When he replaced Keshubhai Patel in 2001 as Chief Minister of Gujarat, his political rise began. Exactly then his Venus daśā and Saturn antardaśā, both placed in 10th house, were in progress. However his Saturn Antardaśā indicates how painful a decision it must have been for the party and himself to replace him. Personal lives of souls with Ātmakāraka daśā or antardaśā is extremely tough, which then churns the soul to achieve a higher life purpose, even driving them towards spirituality. Having a Scorpio Lagna with Mars and Moon signifies a soul who can keep secrets having exceptionally high principles. Moon in lagna indicates a mass leader with a “Huge” following. Lagna lord in lagna indicates a soul with strong qualities of reliability and truthfulness in their conduct. Also his strength is his ability to perform best when cornered in the battlefield giving him the capacity to bounce back despite being under tremendous pressure. Students need to understand the deeper meaning of Mars in Scorpio especially when Mars is the Putrakaraka, indicating children. For a political leader it represents his countrymen hence when he says “mere 125 crore desh vasiyo” in his speech, it is his Mars Putrakaraka in lagna talking! Adding to this his Lagna Lord in Lagna shows how aggressively he will fight for them. Having a Scorpio lagna is extremely auspicious for political leaders since their work requires them to be extremely secretive. At times the same trait is considered negatively by political colleagues taking a lot of time to build trust. Amit Shah is one such soul who is at the receiving end of PM Modi’s trust. Students must study Amit Shah’s chart to understand how and why. PM Modi having Moon as his Matrikaraka in Kendra to his Ātmakāraka directs a soul level connection with his mother/mother land and his brothers/political colleagues. His moon is also lord of his Ārūḍha lagna aspecting his 9th house presenting him to be image conscious, a trait rising from his father/Guru, indicator of 9th house.

A political move which I wish a good Astrologer would have advised the Congress Party against, was calling Modi a “Chai Walla” or “Tea Vendor”, something he did for a living during his early days of struggle. This dig by the Congress only helped enhance his image as Lord of Ārūḍha Lagna is with Mars, Mars being an indicator of Tea. 9th is also the house of Guru which Modi used very smartly starting his political campaigns with Yatra for Swami Vivekananda and admiration for Sardar Vallabhai Patel, who he addressed as Iron Man of Indian politics. Saturn being an indicator of Iron. 6th lord in lagna display constantly attacking enemies, but instead of taking a step back, he fights them hard on the grounds of principle. The most important aspect of PM Modi’s horoscope is Rāhu as Amātyakāraka (AmK), blessing him with the art of manipulation which a good political leader requires abundantly. Rāhu has special signification for India since the Indian Independence chart has Rahu in Taurus Lagna and it is the 10th lord which indicates the throne! In the coming days we shall further understand how the horoscope of a country has massive significance in selecting leaders who will run the country. Each Indian PM has had major impact of Rahu with Amātyakāraka or Amātyakāraka itself, the maker of Prime Ministers!

Thought for the week, does Gandhi family have anyone who has the strength to challenge PM Modi or is it next term for BJP as well?

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