3 reasons why Hillary Clinton is heavyweight

Kaartik Gor Consultations (KGC) wishes its readers EID MUBARAK with a prayer of hoping to receive the all mighty’s choicest blessings on humanity. In this article I will analyse various phases in the life of Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton in this detailed article and understand whether or not she has the capacity to reach the top. This article covers various aspects of Vedic Astrology including Horoscopes, Vastu, Prashna and many other daily tools used by your truly. Secretary of State and now a Democratic candidate for post of President of USA, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton was born on October 26, 1947. Her highest political position till date has been being the 67’Th Secretary of state under the current President of America, Barack Obama. We shall get into the details of this position as it holds significant political importance. As explained in my previous columns the planet Sun (Surya) becomes very significant has it defines the souls ability to govern, however desire (Ātmakāraka) along with skillets (Amātyakāraka) is important as well. Before getting further into the complicated world of politics let us understand Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton better.

Hillary Clinton

1) Gemini Ascendant – Planet Mercury is lord of Gemini and it is in 5’Th house of future, speculation, planning and kids. Planet Mercury (Buddha in Sanskrit) is “Prince” among 9 planets in Vedic astrology and is also is extremely logical, quick learner and good in speech and “communications”, Gemini ascendant therefore gives her extremely logical mind which is constantly dwelling in 5’Th house of future! Isn’t it necessary for a political leader to have a mindset which is futuristic? Further Mercury is retrograde which gives means that mercury is 3 times more powerful in communications which can make her a “tough negotiator”. Mercury is her lagneśa and since Gemini is dual lagna she can face challenges in matters of “relationship/partnership” since 7’Th house (marriage/partnership) is dual sign and its lord planet Jupiter is with planet Ketu, soul is looking for a caring person (Moon Darakaraka) and seeking spiritual relationship, however planet moon has its own loyalty challenges which I shall reveal in future columns. Ascendant lord Mercury is with Venus and Sun (debilitated) and aspected by Ātmakāraka Rahu. Venus is 5’Th house ensures she is a “Great Patriot” and she loves her country and takes pride in theory of “American dream”! Her soul significator being planet Rāhu indicates she will be a evolved soul but will repeated feel cheated in her life and her husband’s (President Bill Clinton) affair with Monica Lewinsky in 1998 (Venus-Jupiter period) brought her in limelight for wrong reasons, she however handled it gracefully due to strong Mercury and fantastic Moon in 10’th house. Moon as 2’nd lord will ensure money comes from speaking assignments and this combination is commonly found in advocates, Radio Jockeys, writing, motivational speakers, Education, top class politicians etc.

2) House of Profession – Houses 2, 6 and 10 in a horoscope or birth chart are said to be houses of profession and it has to be closely analyzed in various divisional charts especially Dasamsa (D10)  and few other factors which are secrets of tradition! Saturn/Mars in second house of speech indicates an aggressive speaker who like to talk from “Position of strength” and anyone who feels she is weak due to her gender might be in for surprise since she will be very tough and would not mince words. When you have 2 malefic in 2’nd house of speech it generally is not good and indicates “trouble” while dealing with “Equal” or “aggressive nations” like China or Russia! Especially planet mars in debility can create issues for MEA (Ministry of external affairs) and defense infrastructure. Saving grace is Moon which is lord of 2’nd house in 10’Th house which ensures bureaucrats handle situation before it goes out of hand. Moon is an extreme benefic for presidential candidate and her emotional appeal shall help her in elections, it also helped President Clinton in his presidential race. Jupiter/Ketu in 6’Th house is called “Parampara Yoga” which indicates “tradition will be followed” and we shall see soon what it means in context of this elections. Jupiter is only planet in Kendra to Ātmakāraka Rahu and Jupiter being Gyatikaraka (society support) she will get “Huge Support” from Americans and people at large, it also mean that soul is carrying a desire to make a change in society and  wants to lead from the front. Moon being 2’nd from Āruḍha lagna ensures she gets fame and after she graduated in 1969 she was first student to commencement speaker and after marrying in 1975 (Jupiter antardaśā) she was  twice listed as one of the hundred most influential lawyers in America! Even former Republican Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said she “ran the State Department in the most effective way that I’ve ever seen.” and that is quite a testimonial.

3) Favorable Period – It has been established how important planet Jupiter is in her case and good luck has always come in form of Jupiter which in her case represents Society/Americans in general. Below is small understanding of major events of her life

  1. October 11, 1975 – Married Bill Clinton – Mercury/Jupiter (Jupiter is her 7’th lord in Natal Chart)
  2. Daughter Born – 1980 – Ketu/Venus – Venus is 5’Th lord representing children and in 5’Th house, Venus is female planet indicating daughter!
  3. First Lady – 1992 – 2000 – Venus Mahadasha – Venus is strongly placed in 5’Th house with Sun (politics) aspected by Ātmakāraka Rahu indicates ultimate Raj yoga!
  4. Presidential Candidate – 2015 – Moon/Jupiter – Moon is in 10’Th house and strongest benefic to ensure she stays in office and Jupiter shall ensure political support.

Kaartik Gor Consultations wishes Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton all the very best!

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