Guru Purnima Understanding – July 19, 2016

July 19, 2016, is one of the most auspicious day to start a new spiritual project or practice. The is commonly called Guru Purnima and is dedicated to “ALL” Gurus and teachers you have met during your a life time. As always KGC Global shall drive home the “LOGIC” being the auspicious day for readers to understand the significance than just to go and buy Gold as wrongly publicised by PR companies of Gold dealers! As we know that there is Poornima, which happens every month Hence, there are total 12 Purnima (Full moon) in a year which means all twelve signs have its significance! For those who attended “LOGIC HAI” conducted on May 21,2016 in association with Gehna Jewellers and Saffron Media would recollect the importance of 9’th house which is related to our past karmas and Gurus,sign Sagitarreous (Dhanu in Sanskrit)is the natural 9’th house and hence Purnima with Moon in Guru Purnima 2016Sagiterrious sign is called Guru Purnima and has tremendous importance for learning and starting anything new to help become a better soul! Unfortunately with the commercial world taking over the real meaning has been lost and everyone goes on a gold buying spree on Guru Purnima and Akshay Tritiya, actually you are supposed to donate gold, yellow Saffire or a book to someone you felt is like a mentor to you and has been there for you in tough times to guide, need not be in a Dhoti/Kurta considering times have changes and Gurus in today’s time can be your mentor or the best boss you ever had… LOGIC HAI? This special day is celebrated on the full moon day (Purnima) in the Hindu month of Ashadha (June–July) and is best day to wear/recharge a Yellow Saffire, Rudraksha, Meditation and starting reading a motivational book which will help you become a better yourself.
The word guru is derived from two words, GU+RU, GU means darkness or Ignorance while Ru denotes the one who removes the darkness, so it is clear that GURU means the soul/book/practice that removes darkness! Can it also be the 6’th house of your enemy or adversaries or our own mistakes? The concept of GURU requires huge self-introspection, and it is a fact that our own mistakes and enemies teach us a lot . Hence they are our biggest Gurus, and we must respect them! How many times have I seen clients who consumed a lot of alcohol or Sheesha only to realise that it was not taking them anywhere, for me, Saturn has taught them a lesson the hard way then Saturn has been the biggest guru for them! It is important to understand “ALL” planets are your Gurus, and each one of them can also give you ahamkara or false EGO! I remember a conversation with my Gurudev in Himalayas where he told me as to why even a prostitute can be a Guru since she teaches you “how not to be obsessed with your body” considering we hardly like anyone touching us… 100% LOGIC HAI!

This was the day when Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa – author of the Mahabharata – was born to sage Parashara and a fisherman’s daughter Satyavati. Thus this day is also celebrated as Vyasa Purnima. For Jyotisa this is most important day since Veda Vyasa’s son was Maharishi Parashara who wrote Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra which is considered final authority when in doubt! KGC global would suggest a simple mantra like “Aun Namah Shivaya”, “Aum Gurave Namah” or “Klemm Krishna Guru” on this day will be good and don’t forget to thank your mentors with a token of appreciation for being there for you! For any queries related to this article or any specific topic you want to know about please write to us on or Whatsapp +971555532511 and we would be happy to clear your doubts!


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