FLAME [Workshops]

Flame Workshops are the next step up from our Spark Workshops. These are full-day detailed workshops discussing either one topic, or a selection of integrated topics.

This is a unique opportunity to merge multiple clients in order to discuss their relevant topic/s of interest. For example, those in a corporate environment, might be interested in empowering their staff about suitable clothing colours or what to wear (or not to wear) in order to elevate the company image.


Our Flame Workshops can be conducted globally on a considerable range of topics that have the benefit of adding exceptional value to a company’s brand in order to help them reach the next level – whether the goal is to enlighten your staff, or your clients:

  • Corporate branding & business collateral
  • Personal PR – wardrobe and image building
  • The endless saga of business or service
  • HR matters and career counselling
  • Time and life management skills
  • Prosperity gemstones for business, personal & health
  • Relationships, break-ups and divorce
  • The magic of numbers – car number plates and choosing your dream home
  • Travel – when to travel, choosing the right business and leisure locations
  • Benefits of yoga and meditation
  • Understanding past lives and the unfulfilled ambitions of soul

We can tailor these workshops on based on your product, service or target audience. Contact us for more information about our range of discussion topics and how we can make these interesting and educational for your staff or clients.