QUICK Consult [Repeat Consultation]

After your comprehensive consultation with Kaartik Gor, we understand that there might be developments in your life or further questions to the issues discussed at your previous consultation that you might need answers on.

This is where our Quick Consultation is the right session to book that is tailored just for you.

This is an on-demand consultation strictly by Skype or by phone for a maximum limit of 30 minutes (and to be done within 60 days of your previous consultation) in order to discuss and get advice on the recent developments in your life or business that were discussed at your full consultation.

If this is your first consultation with Kaartik Gor, then you would need to book one of our other consultation sessions as this is only for existing clients who have done a consultation in past 60 days.  

Fee: $ 200 (AED 600)