“Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do!” – JP Morgan

In ancient times, kings had dedicated seats on their counsel for Raj Jyotish consultants to help them in personal and professional strategic decisions. Even today, politicians, actors, and industry titans all have their own consultants coaching them on how best to reach the top.

Did you know that CEOs and senior management of more than 85 percent of Fortune 500 companies use some form of astrology, gemstones, energy and vastu consultations to help them make their ventures more profitable?

Our Business Acceleration consultation is the most sought contracted service by business owners, corporates and SME’s needing timely advice. With this service, you are guaranteed a dedicated time in a week/month/year blocked for you for expert advice and timely intervention in order to increase profitability and mitigate risk.

As this is an extensive and dedicated service, we have a limited number of slots available for clients globally. We will evaluate your goals and propose a plan of consultation accordingly.

Also, due to the sensitive nature of this service, every client can be assured of the utmost confidentiality and privacy.

Testimonial – Corporate Retainer Client

Fee: To be confirmed after evaluation of requirements