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I have been watching Indian state of Bihar (and the state of Bihar too!) very carefully, and for someone who loves to understand the political mind, Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar is a prime example. Everyone agrees that he is a sharp mind and knows when to change, in this article let us understand that in detail.

Current Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar is born on March 1, 1951, Gemini ascendant and Scorpio Rashi (moon sign).  It is important to note that he is born with Jupiter Aatmakaraka (Soul Significator) which is not that bad for politicians and filmstars who like to back their own decisions. However, they need to deal with their tendency of “I know everything”. I mainly feel that Jupiter AK is good for professions that involve self-obsession, for ordinary people it is a source of ignorance and vital that you are a student all your life. For readers it is important to understand that the planet that gains the highest degree which you were born has the most important role to play in your life, the karma that your soul carries is what you need to go through and fulfil in this journey!

He has his AL (Arudha Lagna) in Libra which will make him the youngest sibling, AL in Libra and Cancer will make you youngest. I use some of this rare knowledge from my lineage to check the authenticity of the chart since it always works! Any good Astrologer who has learnt from a guru parampara will rectify a horoscope before making any predictions. Let us now try understanding him a bit better to judge his decisions at the end of the article. Firstly Gemini Ascendant natives are extremely efficient and flexible to change. To know every ascendant we should check Lordships and assert strength and weakness based on that, that is the root nature and planets will moderate or aggravate results based on placements in those houses. Gemini ascendant has moon lording second house. Hence they have extremely friendly and non-controversial speech. It is important to note that Nitish Kumar has that moon in debility in the 6th house of enemies, it is important to point out that PM Modi also has Moon in debility and after three years he is back with PM Modi. When we study political personalities we need to consider planets in similar houses very carefully, Nehru and Gandhi had Moon in Cancer, and it is well known that without Gandhi, Nehru would never have been PM of India. Coming back to Nitish Kumar, Mercury & Rahu are his Lagna Lord (Yes Rahu is co-lord of Gemini), and both planets are in the 9th house of father/guru. It is a familiar dictum that when LL is in the 9th house person is independent and entrepreneurial by nature. It is also worth noting that his LL is with Jupiter and Sun creating a fantastic yoga for learning from a guru. In his case, he discovered politics (Sun) from Jayprakash Narayan (JP), Ram Manohar Lohia, Karpuri Thakur among others. As mentioned before a Jupiter Ak native grows extremely well under a guru, the Geeta yoga (Ju/Me) makes him a fantastic student! Rahu as Dara Karaka is good for politics too; he is born on Ashtami tithi too which is ruled by Rahu.

Now let us understand his image a bit closer. To start with Arudha Lagna is in Tula, so it makes him youngest, so he will have to work his way through the ranks of the party, the birth of a first child will also be auspicious since it is in the 5th house of kids. It is worth noting that AL lord Venus is exalted giving him a fantastic image overall. Moon in the 2nd house from AL and Saturn in 12th means he is extremely conscious of his image, Saturn in 12th from AL (like Pramod Mahajan) is a straight RajYoga for politics. The aspects on AL are most important and tell us what people think about us; he has four planets aspecting his AL which is good, different planets tell a different story. Rahu, Sun, Jupiter and Mercury have a Rashi Drishti; Mars has graha dristi on AL. Mars gives an image of being disciplined and he is called “susashan babu”, giver of clean/discliplined governance. Rahu confuses (bheda neeti) and on the downside gives an image of distrust, on the positive side makes one think beyond time. It is important to note that his Rahu dasha started from 2012 and since then both BJP and RJD have had a credibility issue with him; the point is he played his cards well and has got back with a winner to ensure his relevance. Sun, Jupiter and Mercury are good on AL. Mars in the 10th house makes him very disciplined at work, at times tough to deal with as his partners have realised.

He is currently in Saturn antardasha, have already mentioned it is top raja yoga for a politician, and he will ride the tide till October 2019. In the next article I shall discuss his latest swearing in chart and understand implications of joining PM Modi, how the Bihar government will do going forward and his plans going forward. Will he be loyal to Narendra Modi?


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