Basics of Mantra Shastra – Part 1

Since many years I have been asked on the relevance of mantras, chanting and how they help us cut karmas and stay happy. I have strongly advocated nimittas/omens as signals that mother nature gives us regularly and on a lazy Friday morning I decided to experiment and chant with a dear friend who follows Buddhism, nimittas were very clear that it will be something that will mend my heart and bring peace. As soon as I entered my friend’s place, he gave me two sheets of paper having the history of mantra and few details of Nichiren Daishonin who first chanted it in the 13th century in Japan. For me, I got my first nimitta afBuddhater entering his house since no two is denoted by Planet Moon which controls mind!I surely knew I was in right place with white being the predominant colour in the house! I then turned the page to check what I need to chant, and it read

Nam Myoho Renge Kya
नं म्योहो रेङ्गे क्यो

Within 15 seconds I did my calculations and told my friend that this is fantastic since the mantra sits in the 4’th house of Hridaya chakra/ heart and works on 6th house of enmity and hatred! He requested me to explain, and I promised him to write an article explaining it further. The Logic of Mantra Shastra is very simple, and it is all between Words and Letters to be checked in Sanskrit! The above mantra has four words so the mantra settles in 4’th house and works in 6’th house since it has six full letter namely न य ह् र ग य so this qualifies as a Shadakshari mantra like

Om Namaḥ Śivāya
ॐ नमः शिवाय

No doubt the great Rishis actively recommended the use of six syllable mantra (Shadakshari) to overcome your sadripus, faults and vices!

Any doubt on the old saying “All road leads to God.”

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