Arvind Kejriwal – Part 1

This is an article which has been delayed for a month now and there are enough nimittas/omens to pen it finally! Arvin Kejriwal is born with Taurus ascendant, more importantly, Moon in Lagna/ascendant. Once of the biggest lesson in Jyotish is that Moon in Lagna makes a native extremely popular and gains fame especially in sign Taurus. Moon is a very social planet and hence, when it is in ascendant has a direct impact of being popular and depending on other combinations grows in stature as well. Moon in Taurus makes him start with a mindset which is to “Serve” and maintains honesty and exaltation ensure good childhood. Lagneśa Venus in 4’th house in digbala makes him a happy go lucky person and has a clear goal in life, the only issue is it is with 3 other planets hence this nature will keep changing especially after joining politics since planet Sun is in a 4’th house in LEO and has the strongest influence. His old colleagues will be able to see the difference, a man with compassion (Venus) to a politician with Arvind Kejriwalstrong influence, power, and arrogance of Surya! Jupiter and Mercury’s conjoining causes Mahānta Yoga and the yoga on AL ensures it functions throughout the life. The Gajakesari yoga ensures he has clean character and native is very genuine, Surya can change the equation a bit.
It is interesting to note that Arvind Kejriwal is born with Jupiter as Ātmakāraka which gives him tremendous ability to gather knowledge, the downfall is that he shall not listen and his fall will come due to “I know everything” attitude! It is good that he followed Anna Hazare and that is the best way for Jupiter to shine but his Sun in Leo will have political ambitions. With 5 planets aspecting his Āruḍha Lagna (house of image) there is no doubt he will be very famous and talked about politician/social worker. With both Moon & Venus having a direct influence on Arudha Lagna it is very easy to understand his obsession for “Media” and “PR”. The only issue for him is Ketu in 5th house which is the sustainer of his image and that is not very positive, Ketu rules mood swings and extremist views which can dent his image unless spiritually inclined. Ketu on the positive side gives him the power to shake the establishment and we need to credit him for bring that change.
He perused Mechanical engineering like his father from the prestigious IIT Kharagpur [Mars-Sun to Rāhu-Jup] and it is clear from his Dasāṁśa (chart of work) that Mars in 6’th house will give him his first direction and Mars rules Engineering, however, debility will ensure he does not concentrate on it and seeks something else. Mercury in the 10’th house shall give him his next career and since it is related to finance and will give him Indian Revenue Service (IRS) which has so much to do with accounts and balance sheets. In Rāhu daśā Mercury antardaśā (1995), he joined the IRS.
But with the advent of Jupiter daśā (2004) it was clear that he would move to another career and again went on a long 18-month leave. In February 2006 (Jup-Jup-Moon period), he resigned from his position of Joint Commissioner of Income Tax of New Delhi and joined Team Anna (Anna Hazare) but had to fight a protracted battle with the department for many years till his final release in 2011 after paying his leave salary back to the government. While most of his supporters say that this was a means to malign him, his detractors question his intentions – if he is so righteous about government money, then why did he not payback his salary on his own accord. Why did it have to go to this extent? This is the saṅkrānti dośa of the Sun – money matters come under suspicion as the Sun is also the lord of the Sun sign and suffers this great weakness. But during the daśā of Jupiter, this weakness is unlikely to manifest.
Going Ahead
With Surya as Darakaraka, it is clear that government and power are very important. It also ensures that wife will have government association and she is and IAS officer herself. The problem in his chart is Mars as Bhatri Karaka which means that his colleagues may revolt against him and since it is 12’th from AL do it secretly. We have already seen Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav do it once and next time it will be someone from young brigade. The current dasha is fantastic for him until April 2017, Punjab could well be theirs unless AAP is split after October 2016. Times from April 2018 to May 2020 will be the most toughest time for AAP and test of Arvind Kejriwal.

Kaartik Gor Consultation wishes AAP best for Punjab elections and advised AK to be wary of Mars!

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