About – Kaartik Gor

Business consultant, speaker, writer and your expert on astrology, gemology, numerology and personalised vastu.

My Journey Into Astrology

I was a young aspiring engineer waiting at the boarding gate of Mumbai airport when I made acquaintance with a striking personality as serene and peaceful as still water.

He was an astrologer who looked at me meaningfully and insisted that my previous reincarnations held the karma of a great astrologer. Following this insane revelation, he deftly laid out a few detailed predictions about my life, which successively came true. That was my very first understanding of precise predictions and the importance of a knowledgeable Guru.

A month later I was on a flight heading for the Himalayas to begin my never-ending educational journey into astronomy, astrology, numerology, gemology, mantras, Vastu, and astrology.

My years spent in that Himalayan valley were humbling – they made me see my life and those who entered it as a gift. My Gurudev (Pt. Rath) would always tell me, “Kaartik, jyotish is an ocean – start swimming.”

Serving humanity through spiritual counselling gives me immense pleasure and is my soul’s ultimate goal. If I can help someone ease their pain through my art, that is my privilege. I’m here to help everyone who seeks me – irrespective of religion or social status.

Here To Help You

Astrology is a powerful tool based on ancient and modern science, which when applied to personal or corporate circumstances can help direct decisions. I’m here to help my clients identify their passion in their personal or professional lives.

My strength as a business consultant is that my parallel corporate career has ensured that I’m in complete synchrony with today’s times. This ensures that I not only understand ancient traditions but also modern culture without ensuing judgments.

In addition to private consultations, I also lecture on topics relevant to our lives today. Visit the Learn section on this website to understand how you can conduct brand integration with our seminars and workshops.

Finally, as a consultant, I understand the nuances of social circles and discretion, which is why I respect the sensitivity and privacy of each of my clients.

My Pearls Of Wisdom For You

  • Never Say Never
  • Never judge someone since you sin differently
  • You can spread happiness only if you’re happy – its ok to be selfish sometimes
  • If you’re good at your work, you don’t need to worry about anything else
  • A Guru is essential for you to succeed at reaching your ultimate goal
  • If you’re not passionate about your work, you will never see success
  • There aren’t problems – only challenges. Accept the challenge and you will be a better person
  • Count your blessings
  • In every adversity there is opportunity
  • Don’t be afraid to take strong and controversial decisions in life – you can’t please everyone, nor can you always be right
  • An astrologer is not an all-seeing god – even he is bound by his karmic cycle, so don’t expect him to change your life overnight

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