3 Reasons Why Amitabh Bachchan is Legend

Amitabh Harivanshrai Bachchan  is born on October 11 1942 and is termed as the finest actors to arise from India in the last 100 years.

His claim to fame started during the 1970’s at the start of his Saturn dasha, which is his ascendant lord being an Aquarius ascendant.

Superhit movies like Deewar, Zanjeer, Trishul and Sharabi transformed him into a successful actor popularly tagged as the “Angry Young Man”. Along with numerous awards, he has already won 3 National Awards.

On the landmark of this legends 73rd birthday, Vedic Astrologer Kaartik Gor shares 3 of the most important observations that have escalated this actor into a living legend!

  1. Focused

    Amitabh Bachchan
    Souls born with Aquarius as their ascendant are generally philosophical, stable minded and have a deep inclination towards poetry and romance.Aquarius has 2 lords, Saturn and Rahu, hence the chances of the soul being split in 2 major areas of its life are big and if the houses do not compliment each other it could cause lot of grief.

    In case of the native both lords are in harmony in 7’th house of money/partnership/relationships and 4’th house of comfort/home. Since 4th and 7th house are in kendras or quadrants to each other there is harmony resulting in a family oriented person.

    Rahu in 7th house combined with the 4 planets in 8th house did put tremendous pressure in marriage and finance after age of 45. Lagna lord in 4th house is a fantastic combination indicating a soul finding happiness and comfort in all situations in life. The 10th Lord in Ketu will ensure he has enough work throughout his life, sometimes even without a choice.

    Since both lagna lords are well placed in kendra and Aquarius being fixed sign, it makes native extremely focused!

  2. Adaptable to change:

    Being adaptable and positive towards drastic life changes has been an important attribute for Amitabh Bachchan’s success. With 4 planets namely Sun,Mercury,Mars and Venus in his 8th house, life was destined to be a roller coaster ride! In this duration Mars was in his 8th house of transformation helped by Mercury.

    The skill of writing is indicated by the planet Mercury which in Amitabh Bachchans case was also in 8th house of transformation. During those times scriptwriters duo Salim-Javed turned out to be his strongest association when a script like “Sholay” transformed his life completely.

    Mars rules agression and anger hence being tagged as “Angry Young Man” is no surprise. Sun, indicating Politics, as 7th lord shows loss of money/prestige due to political alliance. Perhaps with his political association to Rajiv Gandhi.

    Venus in the 8th house represents the glamour industry which was reason a major financial setback caused by his production company ABCL. Hosting the Miss World event left him close to being bankrupt.

  3. Quick Learner

    Mercury is a retrograde ruling the written and spoken word.  When combined with Mars, Sun and Venus it results in an refined speech indicating good upbringing. Mars gives the correct dilation in voice.Sun gives him arrogance and kingly attributes while Venus gives romance and passion.

    The combination is of ulmost importance to possess the “Learn and adapt” attitude. Surya also gives him the discipline of “respecting time” and it is certainly no secret that Mr. Bachchan is always on time!

    The combination is of ulmost importance to possess the “Learn and adapt” attitude. Surya also gives him the discipline of “respecting time” and it is certainly no secret that Mr. Bachchan is always on time!

Dubai based Astrologer Kaartik Gor advises Mr. Amitabh Bachchan to take care of his health till May 2018.

Kaartik Gor is a world renowned Vedic Astrologer, Jyotish teacher, Business and Vastu Consultant with 10+ years of consulting experience based in Dubai, For further info/consultations on daily astrology email: readings@kaartikgor.com.

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