3 Powerful Horoscope combinations of PM Modi

In this Article Dubai based Vedic Astrologer Kaartik Gor digs deeper into understanding what makes PM Modi unique and the major tasks that lay ahead of him based on the combination of his astrology, Zodiac sign, Kundli & Numerology. Team Kaartik Gor Consultations wishes him an eventful year ahead and belated birthday wishes!

1) Saturn as Ātmakāraka: The planet in the highest degree of your birth horoscope is your life’s greatest mission. Saturn has the power of tolerance and tenacity to face any situation with a smile despite the world conspiring against your benefit at every step. The root of sorrow or people who inflict pain is seen from conjunctions/depositor of Saturn. In PM Modi’s case Saturn is in conjunction with Venus and Surya (Sun) as the depositor of Saturn since it is placed in sign LEO. Planet Venus represents private sectors, media and glamour industries while planet Sun represents political establishment. Although these political establishments have tried their best to resist him but having Moon in his chart with well placed Mars will ensure he always received public adulation and overcomes “Political Challanges”. This started with Gujarat and followed into Delhi. Saturn also highlights the traditional roots of a soul. With Sun as depositor of Saturn, it defines PM Modi as a person who takes great pride in the rich history and culture of his country, believing firming in the traditional methods of hard work and perseverance. The same also exhibits his devotion to spiritual Gurus (from all religion) and mother/motherland. It gives him the stability to respect and stand with various religious heads. The image of an extremist is more the work of the media and his opponents having a field day with a controversy. Religious tolerance is a facet proven again by Bohri Muslims considered his biggest supporters. Mercury in a horoscope represents traders which is the main commerce zone for Bohri’s. Saturn is in the house of Sun (Leo), an enemy house. Chances of him being misinterpreted and misunderstood are high but he has the tolerance and resilience to change perception especially after age of 50. Do write to me to know why this age particularly. With Saturn governing high respect for elders, his government took long overdue steps to accommodate pensions plans for the Indian Army, a task no governance could undertake in over 60 years! Achieving to receive a temple approval during his UAE visit recently interprets his mindset clearly – respect for all religion but follow your own – Narendra Damodardas Modi!

2) Planet Rāhu as Amātyakāraka: Amātyakāraka is the planet which reperesents what work you are good at or should pursue. Having Rāhu as the souls amatyakaraka is necessary for political charts since Rahu is an extremely classy planet, hence we see Moon and Rāhu as extremely important planets for all bureaucrats. Rāhu being  a foreigner, “Foreign Policy” is an aspect he would be predictably capable at. The FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) will surely see huge growth under PM Mod’s reign as he is a natural statesman with the ability to build strategic relationships, ensuring India shines. 9th lord represents the souls world view and his efforts to strengthen India position at SAARC, Worldbank, GCC, European Union, United Nations etc have been widely appreciated. Creating the movement for “World Yoga Day” at United Nations and around the world in record time was again an example of his statesmanship. Planet Rahu also dwells on Bheda neeti (creating confusion). The strategic hand offered in friendship towards President Obama has balanced China relations with Chinese borders loosening up. Today China is at its friendliest towards India although it has a strategic alliance with Pakistan. Will this equation change?

3) Planet Sun or Sūrya as Dārākāraka: Having Sūrya as Dārākāraka ensures money coming in from government/political & business houses. A combination that provides the soul the ability to attract confidence in his abilities thereby drawing in investments. Even before being announced as a PM candidate, numerous business communities were endorsing his candidature based on their past working experience as the CM of Gujarat. When the planet Sun is Dārākāraka and planet Rāhu is Amātyakāraka, it gives the soul an excellent hold on bureaucracy. He is the master of “how to get things done” with same to files,procedure and even people etc. which previous government was helpless about . Manohar Parikar, Suresh Prabhu and Smriti Irani were hand picked by PM Modi as his Surya DK requires people with clean image.PM Modi’s Mars (defence) is very strong, hence substantial progress is expected to be seen on that front. I likewise expect railways to do extremely well in the coming years. Also expected are some commendable turnaround in communications Policies, apart from India emerging as a force to recon with in foreign policy and terrorism.

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